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The Farm


Treganhoe is a working family farm based in the very west of Cornwall, set in stunning surroundings with views for miles across the beautiful Cornish countryside. 

Ivor, Sue and Mark ran Treganhoe, up until the summer of 2017, as a dairy farm, when they made the decision to sell their beautiful milking cows and enjoy a better quality of life - although with about 150 cattle they are still pretty busy - definitely not the "easy life"! The farm grows crops to feed their own cattle and others.

After selling the milking cows in the summer of 2017 people were wondering what would happen at Treganhoe - but there is still plenty happening. The number of cattle at Treganhoe has not changed as much as may have been expected after the sale of the dairy cattle, but the cattle now are beef animals - Ivor and Mark go to the local market or local farmers to buy quality beef breed animals now that they no longer breed their own. 

There are always chickens at Treganhoe who are very much free range, although fenced in for their own protection from Mr Fox, you will often find Red or one of her allies wondering around the farm. 

There are also often lambs and pigs on the farm entertaining everyone. 

At Treganhoe they work closely with Cornwall Wildlife Trust ensuring that they do the best they can for the wildlife and their environment. In 2016 the Family's work was recognised by Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) when they were awarded the Otter Trophy. 

The farm is now largely used for growing crops to feed the animals at Treganhoe, these include grass and corn. Other crops grown on the farm include potatoes and cauliflower. 

In 2016 the James family, Ivor, Sue, Mark and Ali accepted the offer of Feather Down to become a host family for Feather Down Farm Days, they now have 8 safari tents all of which have showers with warm water! Both Mark and Alison have their own families now, this just means more helpers!!! For more details about the glamping please visit our Glamping page

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